About Us

CIC is a Canadian public company based in China with a global footprint. CIC seeks equity interests in highly prospective low risk company's by providing venture capital.

The primary investment objective of CIC is to achieve high capital appreciation by gaining securities of private and public companies in the mineral, energy and infrastructure sectors in return for CIC's venture capital.

CIC has established a global team with highly experienced directors whom have skills covering marketing, law, corporate finance, investment and mining operations with core staff serving the company for 7 years or more.

CIC has established its brand name internationally and gained a reputation for its international contacts and relationships. CIC shareholder base includes some of China's largest mine owners & leading Institutional Funds.

Our Vision

CIC Capital is committed to creating shareholder value by developing mining and energy related companies through our consulting and advisory services. We achieve this through the combination of our Leadership, Relationship, and Performance skills.


  1. 1. Long-term strategic approach;
  2. 2. Directors and officers lead by doing and
  3. 3. fostering staff self-empowerment and creative thinking
  4. 4. delivering profitable sustainability,
  5. 5. integrity in all aspects of business,
  6. 6. a sense of urgency and can do attitude,
  7. 7. combining local capability with global leverage.


  1. 1. Establish, maintain and respond;
  2. 2. open and respectful;
  3. 3. cross-introduce to create a collaborative approach to business.


  1. 1. Zero harm;
  2. 2. deliver results for our customers and employees;
  3. 3. create wealth for our shareholders and stakeholders;
  4. 4. optimise financial performance
  5. 5. through our world-class resources, capability and experience.


The company focuses on developing value through its staff. We provide the best working conditions and benefits to keep our staff long term. Our business relationships are global, exposing staff to a wide-ranging dynamic work environment whilst developing the individual's skills. CIC invests a great deal of time and effort into encouraging each staff member to be forward thinking, multi skilled and self-driven.

What we look for

We do not seek out the best educated people but seek individuals that can develop and be part of a great team delivering exceptional results.Our corporate culture reflects individual personalities that are warm, friendly and respectful. We seek out special qualities in each staff member and encourage them to develop and grow.