Corporate Governance 

Our philosophy to our clients

As a fiduciary investor, our primary objective is to secure better financial futures for our current and future clients who place funds with us. To achieve this objective as a public close-ended fund company, the board has a regulatory fiduciary duty to client funds invested in the Company to treat those funds as if they were our own, make investments such that the board focuses on the RISKS and RETURNS. The board strives to ensure the long-term sustainability of both our own company and the investments we make on behalf of our clients.

This requires being a responsible corporate citizen and taking into account environmental, social and governance issues that have real and quantifiable financial impacts over the long-term for our company and the firms in which we invest. Our approach to being a responsible corporate citizen and operating sustainably over the long-term is central to our core business practice, shareholder risk and value creation framework.

Our intention is to maintain and act upon a long-term view in the way we conduct our business, invest, serve our clients.